On Sunday 2 April, BCitizeN organised a get together at the Born Centre Cultural, aimed mainly at foreign residents in Barcelona who are interested in finding out about the city’s history. After archaeological remains from the XVIII century were found under the old Born market, it has now been converted in the largest excavation in the city, accessible by the public. At this cultural centre, we find the explanation of a crucial historic episode for the Catalan people and the key factors influencing the political and social situation of present day Catalonia.

In order to better understand the events of 1714 and find out first-hand how the city was run, we invited the town councillor, Mr Alfred Bosch, who is also a historian and the author of historical novels. He explained what day to day life was like in the Born district, before the siege, and the events that led to the Catalan defeat, on the 11th September 1714, in the War of the Spanish Succession against the troops of Phillip V.

The group went on to share an aperitif with the town councillor, who carried on giving us glimpses of the city and Catalan society.