BCitizeN organizes a conversation whit a Finnish Deputy MP Mikko Kärnä about the political situation of Catalunya in the European context. Wednesday 4th of July at 19:00 at Bar Craft in Barcelona.


The presentation of BCitizeN was a success of attendance and participation.


The launch will include a debate on Barcelona as seen by the foreigners who are residents in the city. Join the celebration of the launch of BCitizeN on Wednesday 31 May at 7.30pm at Craft BCN.

Our association has been active for over a year, organising meetings and conferences on the subject of Barcelona. The time has now come for its presentation to the broader public in order to engage all those who are interested in BCitizeN or feel identified with the project.


On Sunday 2 April, BCitizeN organised a get together at the Born Centre Cultural, aimed mainly at foreign residents in Barcelona who are interested in finding out about the city’s history. After archaeological remains from the XVIII century were found under the old Born market, it has now been converted in the largest excavation in the city, accessible by the public. At this cultural centre, we find the explanation of a crucial historic episode for the Catalan people and the key factors influencing the political and social situation of present day Catalonia.

In order to better understand the events of 1714 and find out first-hand how the city was run, we invited the town councillor, Mr Alfred Bosch, who is also a historian and the author of historical novels. He explained what day to day life was like in the Born district, before the siege, and the events that led to the Catalan defeat, on the 11th September 1714, in the War of the Spanish Succession against the troops of Phillip V.


BCitizeN were granted an audience with the speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, to explain that we had created the association, BCitizeN, and its intention to make the current political and social situation in Barcelona and Catalonia comprehensible to the foreigners living in the city.

At this momentous period of its history, we also wanted to convey the wish of the foreign community living in Catalonia in taking part in the decisions regarding the future of the country, in as far as voting is a democratic action. Ms Forcadell was very interested in BCitizeN’s work. The audience lasted one hour.


December 2016.- Last 10th December, a number of French residents in Barcelona invited Alfred Bosch to give a talk on Independence, the repercussions for the French community, the pros and cons and also municipal policy. The venue chosen was La République du Fromage, on carrer Urgell, a usual meeting point for the French community in Barcelona.

The town councillor explained the reasons why he and his party, ERC, defend Catalan independence and answered the queries and doubts brought up during the debate. More than thirty French residents interested in the current political situation took part, some of which are members of BCitizeN. Its success was also thanks to its being publicised by French radio station, Equinox.


Last 26th October, the international association Meet Up, through the debate group “Our Future in Catalonia”, organised a round table in English to hear various opinions on “How the world sees Catalan independence”. The table was led by Slovenian Ana Stanic, specialist in International Law, German Krystyna Schreiber, author, journalist and member of BCitizeN, and American Liz Castro, editor and author.

The event was held at the Lluïsos de Gràcia cultural centre and was presented and moderated by Catalan-Portuguese journalist Adrià Alzina, also a member of BCitizeN. The presenters’ interventions were followed by questions and debate with the public.


BCitizeN organised a second visit to the foreign residents in Barcelona to the Town Hall.

After the interest for the previous visit to the Town Hall in June and its success, BCitizeN organised a second visit in July given in English. Again, the guide was historian and town councillor Alfred Bosch, as he is fluent in English and, as a historian, he has great knowledge on the history of the city and the building and can also explain present day municipal political activity, in his role of town councillor for the opposition. On this occasion, the visitors were Dutch, Belgian, English and American.


BCitizeN organised a visit to Barcelona Town Hall with the international residents of Barcelona.

On 1st June 2016, BCitizeN managed to get about twenty foreign residents in Barcelona of various nationalities together: Germans, Italians, Canadians, Americans, Japanese and Indians.


Italian community meet up with the historian and town councillor, Alfred Bosch.

On Wednesday 20th April, the Italian restaurant, Ragú, organised a meet up of the Italian residents in Barcelona with Mr Alfred Bosch, in order to discuss the relationship between Barcelona and Italy, the ties between the two Mediterranean regions, the concerns of the Italian community in Barcelona and municipal policy in Barcelona.